In this guide we will explain what to wear in diferent locations in a photoshoot.

Just to keep in mind the eleccion of a good cloth is critical factor while going to a photoshoot.

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Dark Clothing to Slenderize: The color black makes you more clear in contrast witn the background, remember this, the faces is the most important subject, and the black color will help to slenderise the subject.

White & Light Clothing: The light colors transmite a frech & beautiful look , a white shirt under a dark jacket are perfectly splendid. 

Prints and Petterns: Always try to avoid any kind of patterrns or prints, no matter if it  is a small print or pattern, it most likely become a distraction and it could be horrible in case of a digital portraits, it can cause distortions and defections.

Dont Bring a Lot of Accesorise: Try don’t over accessorise, heavily noticeable accesories always distract the main subject.

Make Up, Hair & Nails: This is a recomendation for females, but the next tips acould be used in males to. Avoid having the hair in the face, the hair falling down sometimes creates distracting shadows, this posible could make the lighting in your eyes darker, and as you know, the most important part in the body, the face.


Bring Short Pants & Short Sleeve Clothing: This is a professional recomendation for males because we take pictures at the beach and in fact having the arms and legs exposed to the camera would make it more fresh and cool.


Cloths that Expresses Your Personality: This is a recomendation for females. Bring swimming suit, shorts, skirts, maxi dresses, or any type of dress will express more of you than any other kind of cloth.

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