The Power of the Smile in a Photoshoot

Why you have to  smile in a photoshoot?

When you are smilling you feel great.

Smiling may help you to live longer.

Smilling can get different perspective on how you look and how you are perceived.

Almost all the smiles are expressions of happiness and joyness.

Smiling isnt a behavior you born  knowing, it is learned.



Tricks to Smile Naturally in Photoshoot:

Relax: Have you notice that relax photoshoots often come so much better than actually posed pictures?

Practice: People like models and celebrities always find time to learned how to smile, it is always helpful.

Think: You have to think in a good memory to get a good smile, it is a lot easier to smile when you have a reason, isn’t it?

The Look Back Trick: Try to look at the ground or in a place you are not looking directly to the camera, try to think insomething different other than the photo, and ask your photografer to do a signal when he is about to take the photo.

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