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We’re experts at creating a mixture of eye-catching, punchy content that stops people from scrolling. No matter the platform, we’ll provide you with content that attracts your target audience and generates results.

The content we create will have your brand, target audience, and goals in mind. Ensuring your paid advert campaign is a success.

Learning Your Brand

We will have a boarding session where we learn about your business model, advertising goals, and existing visual assets

Footage Production

After learning more about your brand we will start producing footage for your vertical video ads that can be re-purposed for multiple platforms


With a combination of live footage, royalty-free clips, cool fonts, and trending effects we will start producing the content according to your brand, target audience, and goals.



Stats show that Instagram Reels are taking the world by storm. They get about 22% more engagement than traditional IG videos.

Not only are Reels fun, but they’re also a great way to engage with your audience and increase visibility for your brand, product, and/or service. If you want to stand out in the crowd and get the most out of Reels, hiring an experienced editor is a great option!

With Instagram Reels editing services, you work with a professional editor to create more engaging and consistent content for your Reels, taking away the hassle of having to learn complex editing techniques yourselves or removing the need to spend a lot of time and money to hire an in-house editor. Instagram Reels video editing will show results quickly.

If you choose to work with San Diegan Pro, you’ll enjoy:

  • Quick turnaround times – videos are delivered in 5 business days
  • Content direction service available when needed
  • Higher output of quality video content
  • Collaboration with a high-level professional that studies your brand, needs, wants, and social media trends

With Instagram Reels, your business can enjoy higher engagement, more conversions, and happier fans or customers.

Instagram Reels editing: what you need to know

Let’s talk about technicalities. To be eligible for boosting within the Instagram app, reels must be less than 60 seconds and be posted in a 9:16 aspect ratio. This puts certain limitations on how an Instagram reels editor can work. The video must be shot and edited in a vertical orientation. Since the average attention span of a social media user is just a few seconds, high-quality Reels have a high chance of standing out and catching the users’ eye.

Insta Reels editing services cover all the areas in pre and post-production to help your videos do just that. Our services encompass:

  • Content curation
  • Creating appealing thumbnail visuals
  • Selecting suitable audio tracks
  • Using the right hooks and stock footage to create a captivating video.

Short format videos like Instagram Reels emphasize the need to master the art of storytelling and content delivery with very limited time. Otherwise, your videos will get lost in the mix. Editing plays a huge role because it prevents the user from getting too bored and feeling monotony while watching. Instagram reels creation should be tailored to the hard-to-impress personality of a modern-day Instagram user.

An experienced editor knows what works best for your target audience, what type of content elements (audio, effects, etc.) resonate with them, and how to make your videos shine in the crowd. San Diegan PRO’s best video editor services for Instagram reels help highlight the unique selling points or qualities of your products/services in a short time.

With quality reels, your business can be much more confident that potential customers will know what to expect and be tempted to take action.



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