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What does a Community Manager?

In such a vibrant era like ours, have professional social media presence is a necessity. But if you do not know what does a Community Manager. Next I will give you a definitions and their main responsibilities.

The community manager navigates between management of online or digital communication and digital marketing, it must meet the goals and establish a plan of action.

As community manager will have a specific strategy and objectives, that will contribute to Brand’s Social Media objectives and strategy. And in turn the overall objective and digital marketing strategy of the organization.

In this scheme the community must provide the following value 2 areas:

1.- Analytics. Monitoring: engagement, community growth, social web traffic and conversions.

2.- Communication with the community. Establish two-way dialogue, create audiences, humanize the brand and create value.



What do you get with our Community Manager services?

Nowadays know how to manage your social networks is critical to be relevant on the Internet. In the new reality to have a page on Facebook, A YouTube channel or any social network is necessary if you want to be successful on the Internet.

Professional social networking presence. 




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